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Do you know an Automatic self-cleaning water filtration system can help you get clean and clear water automatically without any complication?

An automatic self-cleaning water filtration system can save your time and perform with better efficiency than a manual filtration system.

Let me help you to learn more about the Automatic filtration system.

What is an Automatic self-cleaning filter?

Automatic self-cleaning filters are used in water plants; every water plant needs to install a filter to remove solid particles.

It is used to clear and clean solid particles or microparticles, or contaminants from the pipeline and gives us clean and clear water.

It helps avoid blockage during the water; when a jam happens, it takes many technicians, tools, and time to get rid of the blockiness; you can use an automatic self-cleaning filter.

Automatic self-cleaning filter

What are the advantages of the filter?

There are many advantages of the Automatic filtration system, some of which I mentioned below.

  • If you install an automatic self-cleaning filtration system, then no corrosion produces in mechanical pipes or mechanical techniques.
  • It helps to avoid damage in pipelines and pipes last along.
  • No fouling factor takes place in pipelines.
  • It avoids blockage in the pipelines or system.
  • No chemical treatment will be used to save the lifeline.

Where can this filter be installed?


Automatic filtration systems are installed where a high flow of water occurs and from where we want to gain clean and clear water.

Here are some Application systems where Automatic Filtration systems are used.

  • Irrigation system
  • HVAC system
  • Well water system
  • Surface water system
  • Power generation system
  • The steel industry and nozzle protection
  • Seawater
  • Fishing plants
  • Blast water
  • Pulp and paper industry
Application of auto self-cleaning filters

What are the parts of Automatic self-cleaning filters?

Water inlet

Water inlet is the part of an automatic system from water entered in the automated system.

Water outlet

A water outlet is the part of an automatic system from where water gets out after cleaning from the system.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors tell us the inlet and outlet pressure of an automatic filter system using their sensing power.

Air vent

An air vent is used to remove air from the system.

Coarse screen

It is a screen that is used in an automatic filtration system to resist large particles from flowing.

Multi-layer fine screen

A multi-layer fine screen is used to remove small particles from the automatic filtration system.

Hydraulic turbine chamber

A hydraulic turbine chamber is used to reduce the capacity of recoil.

Parts of automatic self-cleaning filters

Suction nozzle

The pump suction nozzle is a circular cross-section that produces suction in nozzles and clean particles from a fine screen.

Dirt collector pipe

Dirt collector pipe collects the dirt from the automatic filter,

Hydraulic turbine  

The hydraulic turbine is used to generate motion in the automatic filter system.

Flushing discharge valve

The flush valve discharges the small particles from an automatic filter.

Drainage of piston

Drainage of Piston used as drainage and discharged small particles and unclean water from the system.

Backflush control unit

Backflush control unit that controls the backflush and repeat procedure again.

How does this system work?

Water enters through an inlet pipeline and pre-filters with the help of a coarse screen to resist the large particles so that they can’t damage the fine layer.

Passing through the coarse screen, the next section called multi-layer fine screen is installed. This screen is in a different layer which resists small particles going into the outlet. These tiny particles are attached with a fine mesh which makes a layer, and this layer of small particles does itself filtration; that’s why inlet and outlet pressure increase or decrease.

Change in pressure will redirect its signal in the electrical panel with the help of the sensor.


The flush cycle works with the help of motor and motor pressure values which we set already in the electrical panel and motors produce rotary and axial moment dust collector pipes and nozzles.

The backflush control unit opens the flush discharge valve and a strong backflush flow of water discharges dust water and particles.

This flow produces suction in nozzles and clean particles from a fine screen.

The particles which suction from the fine screen that selector pipe and hydraulic turbine and help of rotary moment go into the dirt collector or chamber and discharge from the drainage pipe.

With the help of rotary and axial movements, helical motion produces suction in the nozzle in that the whole screen becomes clean and clear.

When back-flushing comes to an end, the next flushing cycle operates automatically.

The flushing cycles approximately 10 – 80 secs this depends on the automatic system model.

Flushing helps filtration operate continuously.

If you want to understand through video in Urdu/Hindi language then watch this video:

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