Automatic Gas Leakage Detection System

The Automatic Gas Leak Detection system can detect gas leaks automatically. This system should install in all locations where gas is supplied continuously and help reduce your worries that the stove gas has been left on accidentally. This explosive gas leak alarm will sound approximately an 80dB siren when it detects combustible gases before it reaches an explosive level leading to fires. Feel more assured that your family is safe.

To prevent an emergency of fire, we installed an automatic gas detection system. This system detects natural gas (NG) which is called Methane gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which is called Propane gas.

It should be noted that Smoke fires or carbon monoxide cannot be detected by it. You can say it is a mechatronic system since it combines mechanical and electronic components.

Automatic Gas Leakage Detection System

The gas is often left on, causing leaks; sometimes, we fail to turn it off, so we must install automatic gas systems to avoid leaks and gas blasts. This system can safely and effectively save your life in an emergency. It will protect you and save you from all kinds of tragedies.

There are almost no places where this system is not in use. It is in homes, offices, buildings, workshps, factories, retail stores, educational institutes. It is used where there is a need for natural or LPG gas. Whenever your gas pipeline or kitchen leaks, the system automatically shuts off the gas supply.

The main components of a gas detection system:

Methane and Propane Gas Detector

The detector senses the physical signal and detects the leakage of propane and methane gas. It is only a methane and propane detection system detector.

Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve is used to shut off, open, dose, distribute or mix gas or liquid flowing through a pipe. Electrically energized or de-energized solenoid valves and related control units allow or shut off the flow of fluid. It is a valve that is controlled electromechanically to control the flow of a fluid through it.

Push Button

Push buttons are used in emergencies and are usually found outside the area near gas pipes or the kitchen. You can turn off the gas supply with a push-button when the solenoid valve doesn’t work and save your life if you smell a gas leakage. You can also rest it from your control panel.

Automatic Control Panel

Automatic control panels are the heart of automatic gas detection systems. A Methane detector or push button sends a signal to the control panel, which then acts accordingly.

The following main components of the Automatic Control Panel are integrated to enhance efficiency.

Automatic Control Panel


The transformer regulates voltage according to the requirements of the Automatic control panel.


Relays are switches that control the electrical current in a circuit electromechanically or electronically. A relay opened and closed contacts in another circuit by controlling information in one circuit.


Printed circuit boards (PCB) are also installed in automatic control panels, which control the automatic control system and control electrical and mechanical components by logic.


One of the components of the Gas detection system, the module performs some operations and helps control the system. It is usually used to supervise entire circuits and control systems.

Fire Alarm Panel:

A fire alarm panel is also installed with a Gas detection system. Automatic Control panels and Fire Alarm Systems are always interconnected.

When a leak occurs, the Control system also alerts the Fire Alarm system, which works accordingly, like inform the gas leakage location, etc. 

Building Management System (BMS):

We can integrate building management systems with gas detection systems. Building management systems can be integrated with gas meters and automatic control panels and analyze readings and detect faults.

Riser Gas Pipeline System:

Riser gas pipeline systems are permanently installed on high-rise buildings. The system is most common in high-rise apartment buildings, where three or more meters and pipelines can collaborate to work more efficiently.

You can see the figure it’s a Riser Gas pipeline system.

Riser Gas Pipeline System

How Does Automatic Gas Detection Work?

Automatic Gas detection systems, such as ours, are equipped with a manual inlet valve that allows you to shut off the gas supply manually. After that, a pressure regulating valve is installed to regulate the pressure of the Gas line as per requirement. Finally, a solenoid valve is installed in case of emergency; when there is a gas leak and detected by the gas detector, this valve will automatically shut itself off, controlled by the Automatic Control Panel.

An automatic control panel is linked to a solenoid valve, which is worked according to the instructions provided by the panel. The Automatic Control Panel is linked to Push-buttons, alarms, detectors, and solenoids. After passing through a solenoid valve, a pipe connects to meters from meters; a gas line is then provided to apartments or kitchens.

Solenoid valves and gas leak detectors are commonly installed in kitchens for gas leak detection and auto-shutoff purpose.

That is how the Automatic Gas System works. I hope you have been understood the basic concept. Further, you can wach thich video in Urdu language for simple way understanding:

Automatic Gas Detection System Video

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