Types of fire hydrants

Types of Fire Hydrants | Firefighting | Explained

When we talk about Firefighting, how can we ignore fire hydrants? That’s why I already wrote an article in which I explained What is the fire hydrant system? Why do we use fire hydrants? And internal components of the fire hydrants.

Now it’s time to explain to you about Types of Fire hydrants and the primary difference between Fire hydrants?

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What are the types of fire hydrants?

Wet Fire Hydrants:

Wet fire hydrants are known as Wet barrel hydrants. Wet barrel hydrants are commonly used where ambient temperature cannot cross the freezing point.

It is used because we have to use fire hydrants; it can work properly without any paranormal conditions.

Wet Fire Hydrants

In Fact;

If we don’t use Wet Fire Hydrants, there is no chance of freezing water in the Fire hydrants, so to avoid any condition in fire hydrants, we should always use wet fire hydrants.

One of the essential factors of Wet Fire hydrants is its barrels always consist of water. Once we use it, it will have it again. Wet hydrants are always utilized where the temperature is average and where the temperature doesn’t fall.

Dry Fire Hydrants:

Dry Barrel hydrants use where the temperature falls, especially in cold areas. Where chances of freezing water are much higher.

The valve of Dry fire hydrants is always below the barrel, and the barrel is placed inside the soil, so water will not come into the barrel and water will not freeze.

Dry Fire Hydrants

In Case;

If an emergency happens, water won’t freeze and can be easily useable for Firefighting without any difficulty.

When the operation of Firefighting ends, there is also a drain hole in the barrel of the dry fire hydrant, which discharges water from the barrel and prevents freezing.

Controllable Fire Hydrants:

Controllable fire hydrants are those hydrants that we can control if an emergency happens. Control means we can easily control the flow of water. In controllable fire hydrants, there is a valve from where you can easily prevent water flow.

In controllable fire hydrants, we can increase or decrease water flow according to emergency or firefighting conditions.

Controllable and Non-controllable Fire Hydrants

Non-Controllable Fire Hydrants:

Non-controllable fire hydrants are those which we don’t have the authority to control. It will keep flowing with the same flow rate until its tank is empty.

Two-way Hydrants:

Two-way hydrants have two water sources, which means we can get two flow lines from a single hydrant called Two-way hydrants.

NOTE; Two-way hydrants can be controllable or non-controllable hydrants.

Two-way and Three-way Hydrants

Three-way Hydrants:

Three-way hydrants have three water sources, which means we can get three flow lines from a single hydrant called Three-way hydrants.

NOTE; Three-way hydrants can be controllable or non-controllable hydrants.


The conclusion is that all types of Hydrants can work according to their respective conditions. All the hydrants are efficient and can be used in multiple types of industries where there is the chance of an emergency.

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