How to calculate the pipe weight?

We should know the initial information before calculation, afterward, calculations will be carried out. This is a simple calculation, first check the pipe’s inner and outer diameter and length, either practically or theoretically. We have to calculate the volume of the pipe and before volume, we should know about the area of the pipe. It may be confusing for you but don’t worry. Here are some simple methods for understanding, let us do it…

Estimated HVAC Equipment Service Life

This detail is taken from the ASHRAE expectancy equipment chart for HVAC equipment service life information in median years for Engineering staff. If you will review this information then you can understand the estimated HVAC equipment lift which will be useful for your design, installation, or maintenance work planning. Here each HVAC equipment shall be presented in picture form as well as video form for easy understanding. Let us start…

Automatic Gas Leakage Detection System

The Automatic Gas Leak Detection system can detect gas leaks automatically. This system should install in all locations where gas is supplied continuously and help reduce your worries that the stove gas has been left on accidentally. This explosive gas leak alarm will sound approximately an 80dB siren when it detects combustible gases before it reaches an explosive level leading to fires. Feel more assured that your family is safe.