Estimated HVAC Equipment Service Life

This detail is taken from the ASHRAE expectancy equipment chart for HVAC equipment service life information in median years for Engineering staff. If you will review this information then you can understand the estimated HVAC equipment lift which will be useful for your design, installation, or maintenance work planning. Here each HVAC equipment shall be presented in picture form as well as video form for easy understanding. Let us start…

Fire Extinguishers

Types of Fire Extinguishers – explained in Simple words

Portable fire extinguishers are used for different applications and placed or hanging on walls for fire extinguishment at different locations such as dwellings, apartments, shops, malls, stores, schools, factories, etc. Here we will discuss types of fire extinguishers and their uses because mostly we have confusion that which fire extinguisher is used for what? and what is the difference between them? why should we use this or that fire extinguisher? If you have similar confusion or questions in your mind then this article is the right choice for you. Let’s resolve this matter and clear our concept.

Fire Hydrant

Where should fire hydrants be installed?

According to technical terms, fire hydrants are called external fire hydrants which are normally found on the footpath of roads but mostly this question asked that where should fire hydrants be installed? what should be the location and distribution of fire hydrants as per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes and standards? Here we will understand NFPA-1 edition 2018 requirements about fire hydrants’ location and distribution in a simple way.

Automatic Gas Leakage Detection System

The Automatic Gas Leak Detection system can detect gas leaks automatically. This system should install in all locations where gas is supplied continuously and help reduce your worries that the stove gas has been left on accidentally. This explosive gas leak alarm will sound approximately an 80dB siren when it detects combustible gases before it reaches an explosive level leading to fires. Feel more assured that your family is safe.